About the Brand

Founded in Chicago, Dream Fuel was made for the Slayers of Life. The people who get up and get shit  done! To them, no dream is unattainable or unrealistic. Everyday, they display grit and relentlessly pursue the life they deserve.

Slayers of Life include the entrepreneur who took on a second mortgage to launch a new business. The college student working multiple jobs to pay tuition. The model who was told their dream was unrealistic. The parent who went back to school to give their kids a better life. The undersized athlete who was told they're never going to make it. Within us all, lies a Slayer of Life.

Your time and health are important to you, which is why we are obsessed with providing the highest quality protein bars on the market. Gone are the days of having to choose between convenience and health.  Whether it's for breakfast, between meetings or after a workout, we understand you want to save time, eat clean & SLAY YOUR DAY!