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"As a Type 1 Diabetic, I eat this bar to get going before a workout. Dream Fuel doesn't effect my blood sugar at all!!"

Brian M
Orlando, FL

"This is a great bar! Overall, I would definitely have this as a pre-workout, post-workout or for the mid afternoon slump when I need a boost."

Jessica B.
Chicago, IL

"Tastes like I should feel guilty eating it, but I don't."

Chris F.
Grosse Point, MI

"It's honestly one of the softest and smoothest bars I've ever tried. And it doesn't have the chalky protein bar after taste / feeling. It reminds me of a brownie!"

Emily S.
Chicago, IL

I don't always have time to eat with my work schedule. Dreamfuel has been a gamechanger for me. All the energy and fuel I need to be my best on the go. Without question the best protein bar I've ever had."

Craig G.
Brighton, MI

My favorite bar yet! Tastes great and sustained me longer than the other bars I eat!"

Jim T.
Lockport, IL

After running half marathons I need a quick way to replenish the fuel I burned. No bar does a better job than Dream Fuel. I quickly regain the energy to continue my day without missing a beat."

William S.
Mt. Pleasant, SC

I had cancer in my tonsils and my treatment damaged me and makes it impossible to eat protein bars. Your bars are the only ones that I can eat and swallow with no trouble. Congrats on a great product!"

E. Palermo
Chicago, IL

"Seriously, I will eat this for dessert every night of my life!"

Ryan F.
Burr Ridge, IL

About the Brand

Founded in Chicago, Dream Fuel was made for the Slayers of Life. The people who get up and get shit  done! To them, no dream is unattainable or unrealistic. Everyday, they display grit and relentlessly pursue the life they deserve. 

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